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Plants of the UNF Campus

Miscanthus sinensis - Maiden grass
Family Poaceae


About seventeen species of Miscanthus are native to warm regions of Africa and Asia. Maiden grass is a popular ornamental grass in Asia and the United States. Dozens of varieties have been selected on the basis of plant size, flower color and foliage color. Plants range from two to fourteen feet tall. Flowers are white, pink or bronze in color. Foliage may be a variety of shades of green and different widths. Foliage variegation includes lengthwise or cross stripes of white or yellow. Maiden grass has been reported to be weedy in some gardens further north but it does not seem to be a problem in northeast Florida. 


See plants in the planting between buildings 39 and 50.


Herbaceous plant with leaves to about two feet tall. Flower spikes stand above the foliage.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun to part shade

Water: drought tolerant when established

Soil: adaptable, no special requirements

This is an easy plant for northeast Florida. Grow in a sunny site with good drainage.

Miscanthus sinensis