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Plants of the UNF Campus

Malpighia glabra ‘Nana’ - Dwarf Barbados cherry
Family Malpigheaceae


About thirty-five species of Malphigia are native to North America and South America, including the Caribbean. Barbados cherry is native to Texas and the Caribbean south into South America. This dwarf form is found in Texas and is cold hardier than the larger Caribbean form. It is a dense, evergreen shrub that produces an abundance of pink flowers in summer followed by small red fruit. The small fruits are edible but not very tasty. Each flower petal has a very slender base, a trait characteristic (but not unique) of this family. It is very drought tolerant.


See these plants on the east side of building 10.


Medium-sizes shrub to about four to five feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun

Water: very drought tolerant when established

Soil: well-drained, otherwise very adaptable, no special requirements

This plant is relatively new to northeast Florida gardens. It is better known in east Texas gardens that have a climate similar to that of Jacksonville.

Malpighia glabra