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Plants of the UNF Campus

Holmskioldia sanguinea - Chinese hat plant
Family Rubiaceae


About ten species of Holmskioldia are native to Africa and Asia. The Chinese hat plant is a large shrub with yellow, orange, or red flowers. The shrub is evergreen in the tropics. The flowers are distinctive with a round cup-like bract at the base of a tubular flower. After the flowers fall, the bract (the “Chinese hat”) remains. It is native to the Himalayas in and around India. Hummingbirds visit the flowers.


See plants on the southwest corner of building 9.


Shrub that can grow six to ten feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun to part shade

Water: somewhat drought tolerant

Soil: no special requirements

This tropical plant was a surprise. Planted as an annual, it died to the ground and resprouted the following spring. It has survived temperatures in the mid-20’s F. Probably, it is best planted south of the St. Johns River in a protected spot.

Holmskioldia sanguinea