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Plants of the UNF Campus

Heliopsis helianthoides - Heliopsis, Oxeye
Family Asteraceae


About a dozen species of Heliopsis are native to the North and Central America. The genus is closely related to Helianthes, the sunflowers. This species ranges across the eastern and central areas of Mexico, the United States, and southern Canada. It is native to a few counties in the Florida Panhandle region. Yellow daisies are produced in late summer and fall on spikes about three to five feet tall. Plants die to the ground in winter and resprout in spring.


See this plant along the east side of building 39.


Depending on conditions, heliopsis can grow from two to five feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun

Water: adaptable and drought tolerant but benefits from irrigation

Soil: adaptable to soils, no special requirements

Heliopsis grows easily in northeast Florida in a sunny, well-drained site.

Heliopsis helianthoides