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Plants of the UNF Campus

Gordonia lascianthus - Loblolly bay
Family Theaceae


Various references state that forty to seventy species of Gordonia are native to the southeast Asia and a single species is native to North America. Loblolly bay is native to the southeastern United States, including Florida. It grows where its tap root can reach ground water. Usually a medium sized evergreen tree, it can grow to sixty feet tall or more. Camellias are in the same family. Loblolly bay’s three inch wide, white flowers in late spring and summer are reminiscent of them. The wood has been used in cabinetry.



See plants in natural areas throughout campus.


Medium to large tree capable of growing to sixty feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun to part shade

Water: tolerates moist sites and seasonal flooding

Soil: consistently moist soil, low pH

Natural, native plants are easily preserved and maintained. This plant may be difficult to establish in the garden.


Gordonia lasxianthus Gordonia lasxianthus 2