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Plants of the UNF Campus

Fatsia japonica - Japanese fatsia
Family Araliaceae


One to three species of Fatsia is native to Asia. It is a large shrub in the same family as Algerian ivy and devil’s walking stick. It has large leaves and relatively few, large branches. The leaves are rounded, deeply lobed, and evergreen. Small, cream-colored flowers are borne in spherical clusters on a branching flower spike. Flowers appear in late fall through winter.


See this plant in the shade under stairwells around campus.


Large shrub to about six to ten feet tall in the garden, reportedly capable of reaching fifteen feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: part shade, shade

Water: well-drained soil, drought tolerant, does not tolerate soggy soil

Soil: adaptable to soil types, no other special requirements

In Jacksonville, this plant is easy in a shady, well-drained site.