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Plants of the UNF Campus

Dietes bicolor - Yellow African iris
Family Iridaceae



The genus Dietes has an odd distribution with five species in Africa and one on remote Lord Howe Island near Australia. This species is a iris-like herbaceous plant native to southern Africa. The evergreen foliage is about eighteen to twenty-four inches tall. In late summer, it produces yellow, iris-like flowers with a dark brown center. It has withstood temperatures in the high teens F.



See this plant on the northwest corner of Building 1 and in the Outtakes Plaza.


Herbaceous plant with leaves to about twenty-four inches tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun

Water: drought tolerant when established

Soil: adaptable, no special requirements


In north Florida, this is a rugged landscape plant that thrives in sunny, dry sites.


Dietes bicolor