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Plants of the UNF Campus

Dianella tasmanica - Blue flax lily
Family Phormiaceae (Hemerocallidaceae by some)


This is a genus of about 25 species widely distributed in the Old World tropics from Africa to Polynesia. Blue flax lily is a small, grass-like plant from Australia is closely related to New Zealand flax. Like New Zealand flax, long fibers are harvested from the leaves. These fibers and entire leaves have been used in weaving. Flowers are small and borne on spikes held above the foliage. The small fruits are blue.


The green type is cultivar ‘Becca.’ It can be seen on the east side of building 3. Another type on campus has variegated leaves, green with a white stripe along the leaf margins. Each is pictured above.


See plants on the west and southeast sides of Building 1, east side of building 3.


Herbaceous plant with leaves twelve to eighteen inches tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: sun to shade

Water: moderately drought tolerant when established, irrigation is beneficial during prolonged droughts

Soil: widely adaptable to soils

Blue flax lily is sturdy and easy to use in the north Florida landscape. It is evergreen to the mid-20’s F. Below that, it dies to the ground and resprouts in spring.

Dianella tasmanica Dianella tasmanica plant