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Plants of the UNF Campus

Cliftonia monophylla - Black titi or Buckwheat tree
Family Cyrillaceae


A botanist will tell you that Cliftonia is a monotypic genus. That is, the genus contains a single type - only one species. It is native to the southeastern United States including the panhandle of Florida. Black titi is an evergreen shrub of stream or swamp edges that can grow to fifteen feet tall. In spring, it is covered with short spikes of small white flowers (rarely pink) that are followed by dry, flattened, buckwheat-like fruits. Where native, it is considered an important nectar source for honey bees.


See plants along UNF drive near 9A. This is cultivar ‘Chipola Pink’, a pink-flowered selection.


A large shrub that can grow to fifteen feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun

Water: moist to wet, drought tolerant for short periods

Soil: acidic soil

Cliftonia grows easily in a moist soil in a sunny site. It is cultivated by gardeners in Alabama and Georgia where it is native. It remains almost unknown in northeast Florida nurseries and gardens.