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Plants of the UNF Campus

Clerodendron thomsoniae - Bleeding heart vine
Family Verbenaceae


Approximately 400 species of Clerodendron are native to Africa and Asia. Most are shrubby plants. Several species are cultivated for their attractive flowers. This native of Africa is a slender vine that climbs by twining. Flowers are in clusters along the stems. What looks like an individual flower is a set of white bracts from which a red flower emerges. The bracts remain attractive after the flower falls off.


Both the typical green-leafed variety and a form with variegated leaves are planted on campus.


See plants in Founders Plaza between Buildings 1 and 2.


Herbaceous vine with stems that climb or trail about fifteen feet.

Care Instructions:

Light: sun to part shade

Water: somewhat drought tolerant when established

Soil: adaptable to a wide range of soils

In north Florida, bleeding heart vine is evergreen in mild winters but will die to the ground in cold winters, recovering the following spring. It is a strong grower that can spread by underground shoots and by shoots that root as they grow over the ground. 

Clerodendron thomsoniae