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Plants of the UNF Campus

Callistemon salignus - Willow bottlebrush
Family Myrtaceae



Approximately twenty-five species of Callistemon grow in Australia and nearby New Caledonia. This small evergreen tree grows from about fifteen to thirty feet tall. It has attractive narrow leaves and white papery bark. New leaves are reddish in color. It blooms in in spring and summer. Flower spikes are usually white or cream in color but pink, red and mauve forms are reported. The willow bottlebrush has some salt tolerance and is appropriate for coastal gardens but not the beach front. It is a popular garden tree in Australia and is cultivated in California. 



See this plant on the east side of building 832.


Reportedly a small to medium sized tree growing to fifteen to thirty feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun

Water: drought tolerant when established

Soil: average soil, wide pH tolerance, no special requirements


This plant was donated to UNF as C. salignus by a nursery owner who found it at Jacksonville Beach. UNF staff is monitoring the plant to verify its identity and learn its tolerances. The genus Callistemon is very closely allied to the genus Melaleuca, a few of which are serious pest plants in south Florida. Fortunately, Callistemon species have not shown invasive tendencies in Florida. 


Callistemon salignus