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Plants of the UNF Campus

Begonia nelumbifolia - Lotus-leaf begonia
Family Begoniaceae


Over 1000 species of Begonia are native to warm parts of Asia, Africa, North America and South America. In addition to the many species, gardeners have produced countless hybrids. The lotus-leaf begonia is native to Mexico. Large rounded leaves arise from a trailing stem. Leaves may be green or reddish. White to pink flowers stand on stalks above the foliage. 


See plants on the top tier of the Building 1 fountain from the stairwell.


Care Instructions:

Light: part sun to shade

Water: moist, well-drained soil, somewhat drought tolerant, will not tolerate soggy conditions

Soil: no special requirements

This plant is widely grown in south Florida but its ability to withstand temperatures below freezing is not widely known. At temperatures in the mid-20’s F, the leaves will die back but the plant will resprout in spring. Mulch over the trailing stem will help protect the plant. Like most begonias, this one grows well in a shady spot in a well-drained soil. In Jacksonville, it may be best to plant this begonia in a protected site.