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Plants of the UNF Campus

Arisaema dracontium - Green dragon
Family Araceae


About 150 species of Arisaema are native to Africa, Asia, and North America. They are in the aroid family which makes them cousins to the philodendron, anthurium, and peace lily. This species is native to the eastern United States where it is found in moist woodlands. A single compound leaf rises from an underground corm. Flowers appear in spring. The flower spike consists of a green tubular spathe (comparable to the white spathe of the peace lily.) Tiny flowers are held on a slender green stalk that extends above the spathe. A cluster of round, orange- red fruits are produced in early fall.


See this plant along the Lake Oneida boardwalk.


Herbaceous perennial to about twelve inches tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: part shade, shade

Water: moist soil, somewhat drought tolerant

Soil: adaptable to soil types, no other special requirements

This native plant is not readily available in north Florida nurseries. It is easy to cultivate in a moist, shady spot.