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Plants of the UNF Campus

Aralia spinosa - Devil’s walking stick
Family Araliaceae


About forty  species of Aralia are native to North America and Asia. They are shrubs or small trees. Devil’s walking stick is native to the eastern United States, including Florida. It is a tall, multi-stemmed shrub to about fifteen feet tall. It spreads by underground shoots. Stems are very spiny and have few branches. The large leaves are twice divided into small leaflets. Tiny white flowers are borne in large clusters at the ends of the stems in summer. Fruits are small black berries produced in fall. Native Americans used the roots to treat a variety of ailments. Berries are eaten by birds and other wildlife. 


Plants grow along the trails at Lake Oneida.


A shrubby, suckering plant to about fifteen feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: part shade

Water: adaptable, somewhat drought tolerant

Soil: no special requirements

This native plant is easy to grow in a moist situation in part shade. The large leaves make a bold accent in the garden.

Aralia spinosa