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Plants of the UNF Campus

Alogyne huegelii - Blue hibiscus
Family Malvaceae


Species in the genus Alogyne are native to Australia. Formerly, these plants were included in the genus, Hibiscus. A quick look at the flower of Alogyne shows its close relationship to hibiscus. Blue hibiscus is a shrubby plant to about six to eight feet tall. Leaves are deeply dissected. Purple-blue flowers are about four inches across. 


See plants in a planting northwest of building 42.


A herbaceous plant to six to eight feet tall.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun

Water: requires a dry, well-drained soil, very drought tolerant

Soil: well-drained soil, no other special requirements

These plants were donated to UNF to test their tolerances to conditions in north Florida.

This plant is reported by one grower as cold hardy to the mid-twenties F. Reportedly, it is very drought tolerant. 

Alogyne huegelii