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Plants of the UNF Campus

Allamanda schottii - Bush allamanda
Family Apocynaceae


About twelve species of Allamanda are native to Central and South America. They are shrubs and vines. As the common name indicates, this species is a shrub. Leaves are held in pairs or three’s. Bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers are about two inches across. Seed pods are covered in coarse hairs that become needle-like as they dry and turn brown.


See this plant on the south side of building 15.


Medium-sized shrub to four feet tall or more.

Care Instructions:

Light: sun

Water: well-drained soil, somewhat drought tolerant

Soil: adaptable to soil types, no other special requirements

This plant is not widely grown in Jacksonville. It may be at its northern limit here. Most references state that it is winter hardy only in the lower peninsula of Florida and similar climates. Last winter, plants in Jacksonville remained evergreen despite a low temperature in the mid-20’s F. As a result of lower temperatures, they can die to the ground and recover in spring.

Allamanda schottii