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Plants of the UNF Campus

Agarista populifolia (syn. Leucothoe populifolia) - Pipestem
Family Ericaceae


Several Agarista species are found from Florida through South America. Recently, this genus was split from Leucothoe on the basis floral differences. Pipestem is a large evergreen shrub native to north Florida and the southeastern U.S. Wild plants are found in moist areas, often along the edges of swamps. Arching stems grow to about twelve feet high. As its common name suggests, stems are hollow between the nodes. Small, fragrant, white flowers are produced in abundance in spring. They are pollinated by bees. 


See wild plants along the nature trails by Lake Oneida.


Large shrub to about twelve feet tall or more.

Care Instructions:

Light: full sun to part shade

Water: not drought tolerant, a moist or irrigated site is necessary

Soil: poorly drained, acidic soil

This is an attractive large shrub or small tree for a naturalistic garden. This is a plant for a low, moist site in sun or shade. Plants grown in shade tend to have a loose ,open growth. The dwarf variety, Leprechan, is a small, compact shrub that is suitable for any garden. Reportedly, it will grow to about four to five feet tall.