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JTA bus with students exiting the bus at the Thomas G. Carpentar Library JTA bus stop

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) for UNF Campus


 Get to St. Johns Town Center in 10 minutes  


Stand at the UNF bus stop at :50 past the hour within 10 minutes, bus 8A will take you to the mall for $1.50.


Return from St. Johns Town Center to UNF in 10 minutes

Stand at the St. Johns Town Center bus stop at the top of the hour. Buss 8A will take you to UNF within 10 minutes for $1.50.



Bus 8A Route:

Points of interests include St. Johns Town Center, FSCJ South campus, San Marco Library, Rosa Parks Transit Station and FSCJ Downtown campus.

Weekday frequency: 60 minutes

Weekend frequency: 66 minutes



All bus route schedules 


Allow JTA plan a trip for you!

Refer to JTA Trip Planning to travel to more great destinations such as Jacksonville International Airport, the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) bus or the beaches shuttle.