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Important Student Dates

Spring/Summer 2018 Important Student Dates

April 21 - 27       

Spring 2018 final exams

April 27

Spring 2018 Commencement

May 4

Spring 2018 final grades available 

May 9

Summer A/C/8- and 10-week courses begin

May 11

Deadline to add to a summer A/C/8- and 10-week course wait list

May 15

Deadline to add or drop a summer A/C/8- and 10-week course

May 17

Deadline to pay/pend/defer summer A/C/8- and 10-week courses (5 p.m.)

May 28

Memorial Day -  University closed

June 1

Deadline to withdraw from all summer C courses for 25% refund

June 8

Deadline to withdraw from 8-week summer course (no refund)

June 19

Summer A courses end

June 22

Deadline to withdraw from 10-week summer course (no refund)

June 25

Summer B courses begin

June 29

Deadline to add or drop a summer B course 

July 2

Deadline to pay/pend/defer summer B courses (5 p.m.)

July 4

Independence Day - University closed

July 6

Deadline to withdraw from summer C courses (no refund)
Summer 2018 8-week courses end

July 20

Summer 2018 10-week courses end
Deadline to withdraw from summer B courses (no refund) 

Aug. 3

Summer B and C courses end
Summer 2018 Commencement  

Aug. 10

Summer 2018 grades post 

Aug. 20

Fall 2018 courses begin


The UNF Master Calendar provides pertinent information and is a great place to view important events, dates, times and more.