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Meet with us!

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) offers personalized consultations to students across all majors -- and to students still deciding upon a major. Walk-ins are always welcome if Dr. Cousins or an appropriate staff member is available to meet (check with the front desk). Otherwise, please request an appointment by emailing OUR is located in Founder's Hall (Building 2), Suite 1200 (in Undergraduate Studies).

Exploratory consultations

You and Dr. Cousins or an OUR peer ambassador will meet together to explore why developing research skills is so important, both within and beyond the university; how you can prepare for and become involved in faculty-mentored research as an undergraduate; ways you can showcase your research and thus build your CV or resume; and more. 

Major advising consultations 

You and Dr. Cousins or an OUR peer ambassador will meet to discuss how you can become involved in undergraduate research focused within your major. Please bring a laptop or pen and paper to this meeting in order to take notes. The discussion will include an overview of basic research methods utilized within your major field; how to identify the specific research topics and interests of various departmental faculty members within your major at UNF as well as other scholars within the field; how to start thinking about a "review of the literature;" how to contact faculty members about engaging with them in a specific research project; ways you can showcase your faculty-mentored research and thus build your own CV or resume; and more. Please ask any questions about research or about UNF in general during this meeting. If we do not know the answer to one of your questions, we'll do some research ourselves, and contact you within 24 hours.