UNF's International Research Symposium


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As part of International Education Week, the University of North Florida is proud to announce the first annual International Research Symposium. Undergraduate students and graduate students are invited to share their research on international topics, as well as their reflections about experiential learning that has taken place through study abroad or international internships. This event is hosted by the International Affairs Office, the International Studies Program, the International Center, and the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), and will be open to all UNF students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the surrounding community. Join us for a day of international learning and discovery! 


The 2018 International Symposium date will be announced soon! 



2017 Program 


Presentation Information

Students will present their research and experiences through poster or oral presentations. Poster presentations will take place in an exhibition format and will last for one hour. Posters should be 36" tall x 48" wide. Oral presentations should be between 10 and 15 minutes, and should be accompanied by a visual such as PowerPoint or Prezi. There is limited availability for oral presentations; due to space and time constraints, some students requesting to make oral presentations may be invited to instead present a poster.  


No previous conference presentation experience is required. If you need assistance in preparing a poster or oral presentation, visit the OUR website for help. If you require further assistance, then schedule an appointment with an OUR representative for a one-on-one consultation. 


Visitor Information


All students from all universities are invited to present at the International Research Symposium. All relevant travel information can be found below: 

A visa (if required) will be the responsibility of the international visitor, but the UNF International Affairs office will write an invitation letter if requested. 


The Hampton Inn Point Meadows is recommended for any international visitor without pre-arranged housing as it has competitive rates and a shuttle to UNF. Contact: Jennifer D'Amico, Director of Sales, Jennifer.D'Amico@hilton.com 


What do I present? 

If you are presenting about a research project, then you should share the context or background to your research (often called "Introduction" or "Background"), your hypothesis or research question, your findings (often called "Results"), and some discussion points (e.g., future directions, further explanation of results). If you are presenting about a study abroad trip or internship experience, then you should share where you went, what you did on your trip or during your internship, and how your experienced might have helped you grow as a student or person. These are merely suggestions of what to share; feel free to share any and all relevant information about your experience or research, as long as it fits in the allotted time. 

How do I know if I should present a poster or oral presentation? 

Based on abstracts and experience, our committee will chose specific projects to be presented in oral presentation format. If you are chosen for an oral presentation, then you will receive an email stating so. If you do not receive an email stating that you were chosen for an oral presentation, then you should assume that you are presenting a poster presentation. 


What do you mean by "poster"?

Poster presentations are common forms of communication used in the world of academia. A poster should be used as a supplement to your presentation; however, posters do not stand alone. YOU are the presentation, so don't rely on your poster to talk for you. Posters are typically comprised of a balance of words (concise statements, often bullet pointed, not lengthy paragraphs) and images (e.g., photographs, graphs, charts).  You will stand next to your poster for the duration of your presentation and will share your project when people walk up to you. You can use your poster as a visual aid or as a guide to your project. For an example of what a professional, academic poster looks like, visit the Poster Printing section of our website. Additionally, you can stop by the Office of Undergraduate Research to see posters on display that were created by UNF students. 


What is an abstract?

In academia, an abstract is a brief summary of your project/experience. This short bit of information should give audience members an idea of what to expect if they attend your presentation.