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Osprey Update Guidelines

Submit to Osprey Update

Osprey Update is an online news publication that includes announcements and events for UNF faculty, staff and students. There are two editions:

Osprey Update for Students

  • Weekly email on Mondays with a list of clickable headers that lead to the Osprey Update for Students webpage for more information
  • Items can only run once via email within a two-week period
  • Submissions will run the Monday on or after the start date chosen and will appear on the Osprey Update webpage until 11:59 p.m. on the end date chosen for a period of no more than two weeks
  • Items may run up to two weeks on the Osprey Update for Students webpage
  • Events and announcements should be submitted by 3 p.m. on Fridays in order to be included in the weekly emails

Osprey Update for Faculty and Staff

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday emails, with both a list of clickable headlines and full announcement and event information

  • Items can only run once via email within a two-week period and post for up to two weeks on the Osprey Update for Faculty and Staff webpage
  • Events and announcements must be submitted no later than 3 p.m. the day before the start run date 

  • Items will run by email on the Monday, Wednesday or Friday closest to the start date chosen and will appear on the Osprey Update webpage until 11:59 p.m. on the end date chosen for a period of no more than two weeks

There are two categories of information that can be submitted to Osprey Update:


For the purpose of Osprey Update, an "event" is defined as a gathering of people at a specific time, date and location. This includes club/organization meetings, musical performances, art installations, workshops/lectures/seminars, etc. In order for an event to appear in Osprey Update, it must first be submitted for approval to the University’s electronic Master Calendar. Click here to make a calendar submission. Exception: though search committee meetings are events, submit them to the Master Calendar only; include the Department name followed by Search Committee Meeting in the title


For the purpose of Osprey Update, announcements are informational submissions, such as scholarship application deadlines, academic deadlines, administrative messages, etc. and shouldn’t be submitted to the University's electronic Master Calendar.

Submission Information

  • A UNF ID and password are required; submissions from individuals, companies or organizations not affiliated with the University won’t be accepted.
  • With one form, information can be submitted to the student edition or faculty and staff edition or both Note: while users may request an announcement/event be displayed on both, Osprey Update staff reserves the right to approve items for only one edition as reflective of the target audience. 
  • Choose the message type carefully. If a submission is for a gathering of people, at a specific time, date and place, it should be listed as an event; a submission that provides information, should be listed as an announcement. 
  • No attachments, pictures or tags accepted.
  • Event descriptions are limited to two lines of text. (Single space between sentences.) Submitters are encouraged to provide a Web address in the provided field on the submission form that links to a UNF webpage having the most current event details/information.

  • For all submissions, the contact name and title, UNF email address (i.e. and UNF phone number (i.e. 904-620-xxxx) are required.

  • Time, date and location are also required.

    • Events: When using the submission form's fields, the information will display automatically in Osprey Update communications. 

    • Events: For the same event with multiple times/dates/locations, use the following formatting in the text body.

      • Enter times in this format: 10 a.m., 3 p.m., noon; enter time spans in this format: 9 to 10 a.m., 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., noon to 2 p.m., 3 to 5 p.m., 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

      • Enter dates in this format: day of the week, month, cardinal number (i.e. Wednesday, Oct. 16.) Note: Abbreviate Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec.

      • Enter the location field in this format: building number, building name and room number (i.e. Building 12, Thomas G. Carpenter Library, Room 1200); the building number and building name may populate as it’s typed, but the room number should be manually entered

    • Announcements: If the time/date/location fields aren’t available, enter this information in the description field. 

      • Enter location information in this format: building name, building number and room number (i.e. Thomas G. Carpenter Library, Building 12, Room 1200) 

      • Enter times and dates in this format: (i.e. The application deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 6.)

    • Announcements: For scholarship announcements, etc. inclusive to a specific major/group, but not for the general student population, email those students directly impacted.

  • Click here to make a submission.

    • Users will receive an email to confirm a submission
    • Users will receive a second email once the item is reviewed, edited and approved or denied by Osprey Update staff
    • Once a submission is approved it will be immediately available on the Osprey Update for Students and/or the Osprey Update for Faculty and Staff webpages
    • Events/announcements shouldn’t be submitted more than one month in advance from the date of the event


Search Committee News 

The “Search Committee News” category has been removed from the OU submission form. Search committee meetings, once approved on the Master Calendar, are linked automatically to Osprey Update. At the bottom of the Osprey Update page, click on "search committee meetings" to view the list.

  • On the University calendar submission page, include the department name and the words “search committee meeting” in the title field (i.e., Mechanical Engineering Search Committee Meeting)
  • In the description field, include the position title and position number assigned to the job posting (i.e. The committee will meet to conduct Skype interviews and discuss the most recent applications for the education science instructor position, 339910.)

Transferring Surplus Property

The Property Department is responsible for the oversight and administration of all University fixed assets. Departments should make surplus property requests through a submission form for:

  • Interdepartmental transfer of inventoried assets
  • Transfer of inventoried assets to other non-profit entities
  • Request to donate to a non-profit organization
  • Non-inventoried assets

Departments are to notify Banner Property once the assets are no longer in the department’s possession. Assets will be removed from the advertisement webpage after 10 working days. Contact: Jim Mousa, Property Assets and Records Retention coordinator, UNF Property Office, at (904) 620-2779 or

Style Guidelines

Osprey Update staff reserve the right to edit all information submitted for content, Associated Press style, length and grammar. Read and review edits/revisions and incorporate changes into your next submission. Keep copies of approved submissions to use as a guide/template for future writing. 

  • Submissions should be written in AP style. The Associated Press Stylebook online and print editions may be purchased at The print edition is also available from the UNF Bookstore. 
  • Reduce message length to two sentences. Be factual, reduce persuasive language and use a minimal amount of modifiers. Provide a web address that links to additional current information.
  • When referenced, include titles and departments or organizations in the description field. Names of faculty/staff mentioned in the description field should be followed by title and discipline/department. (i.e. Dr. Jane Doe, biology associate professor) Students should be identified as students. Unaffiliated University individuals such as guest speakers, dignitaries, artists, scholars-in-residence, etc.) should be identified by title and company name.
    • As a general rule, don’t use acronyms. Always provide the full name of any department, organization, student club or business on first reference.
    • Exception: A few universally recognized abbreviations and acronyms are accepted, even required, in some circumstances. (Refer to AP Stylebook) 

Style Checklist

  • Eliminate personal pronouns
  • Eliminate exclamation points
  • Eliminate questions
  • Eliminate the word "please"
  • Avoid the use of the word "held," as in "an event will be held;" instead, use "an event will take place" 
  • Avoid emphasis; never use all capital letters to highlight or feature a word(s)

  • RSVP should be in all caps and used in noun form, not as a verb

  • Use single quote marks in event headlines

    • Correct: ‘How to Create Successful Osprey Update Announcements Every Time’ Workshop

  • Lectures are "titled," not "entitled," in the description text
    • Correct: Dr. John Doe will present a lecture titled "How to Create Successful Osprey Update Announcements Every Time." 
  • In headlines, lectures and arts/entertainment events are “presented;” lecturers/performers are "featured"

    • Correct: UNF Opera Ensemble Presents ‘Amahl and the Night Visitors’
    • Correct: UNF Jazz Ensemble 1 Features Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis 

  • Use the AP Stylebook as a reference

Osprey Update Staff

Amanda Dawson Ennis, Public Relations Acting Director

(904) 620-2192,

Deb Kuhr, Public Relations Associate

(904) 620-1921,