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Osprey Update is an internal email and online news publication that includes announcements and events for UNF faculty, staff and students. Submissions can only run once via email within a two-week period but may live for up to two weeks on the webpage. There are two editions:

Osprey Update for Students

  • Newsletter emailed weekly on Mondays
  • Submissions must be received by 5 p.m. on Friday prior to the date your announcement will run

Osprey Update for Faculty and Staff

  • Newsletter emailed biweekly on Monday and Friday during the summer; emailed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during spring and fall semesters
  • Submissions must be received by 5 p.m. the day prior to the date your announcement will run

Submission Information/Requirements

  • Submission Types:
    • Events: Events must include a date, time and location and must first be submitted to the Master Calendar. Events must include a link to the master calendar or a website for descriptions and more information.
    • Announcements: Announcement include all other non-event informational messages or calls to action. Provide a website link for additional information whenever possible.
  • Events/announcements must pertain to the larger campus audience. Small, targeted events should be advertised via email to interested parties.
  • Messages must be targeted to the correct audience. If an announcement/event is applicable to both students and faculty/staff with the same information/instructions, it may be submitted one time. If the message has different information for the different audiences, it must be submitted to each separately.
  • A UNF ID and password are required; submissions from individuals, companies or organizations not affiliated with the University will no be accepted.
  • Events/announcements should be submitted one month or less in advance from the date of the event or deadline.
  • Each submission can be sent to the student edition, faculty/staff edition or both. While users may request an announcement/event to be displayed on both, Osprey Update staff reserves the right to approve items for only one edition as reflective of the target audience. 
  • No attachments, pictures or tags accepted.
  • Once a submission has been made, the submitter will receive an email to confirm Osprey Update received the submission. A second email will be sent once the item is reviewed, edited and approved or denied by Osprey Update staff.

 Style Guidelines

  • Osprey Update staff reserve the right to edit all information submitted for content, style, length and grammar.
  • Submissions should be written in Associated Press (AP) Style. The UNF Style Guide is a supplement to The Associated Press Stylebook and addresses frequently asked questions and campus-specific style, such as building names.
  • Some common AP Style rules pertaining to Osprey Update descriptions are:
    • Use quotation marks and capitalize all word in lecture and event titles
    • Eliminate personal pronouns, exclamation points, questions and acronyms
    • Message length should be 500 characters or less with spaces. Link to a website to share longer messages.
    • When any person is referenced in the description field, identify their title and office/department/service; identify students by their year in school and course of study.

Osprey Update Staff

  • Amanda Ennis, Media Relations Coordinator
  • Nichole Vanderpool, Media Relations Specialist
  • Contact us at