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Kaitlin Mauch

Brooks College of Health • Doctor of Nursing Practice program

Kaitlin Mauch, a UNF graduate with a bachelor’s in nursing, has returned to the University to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree through the School of Nursing's bachelor’s-to-doctorate program. Employed as a registered nurse at an area hospital, Mauch is balancing classes and work in order to pursue a future career as a nurse practitioner. She expects to graduate in May 2018 and hopes to work in Family Practice or in a specialty like dermatology, cardiology or neurology.

Mauch believes the University excels at providing nursing students with opportunities to engage in community projects, where she continues to gain valuable insights into healthcare needs and appreciates the chance to educate people about healthier lifestyles.

Get to Know Kaitlin Mauch
  • Why did you decide to attend the University of North Florida?
    I had a great experience within the School of Nursing when I was earning my Bachelor of Science in nursing. I knew that UNF Nursing was the only program I wanted to apply to for my DNP.
  • What do you like most about UNF?
    I appreciate the strong, respected presence UNF has — especially the School of Nursing — within the community and the state.
  • What has been your coolest UNF experience so far?
    During my time in the undergraduate nursing program, I was assigned to work with Healthy Osprey and Health Promotions for my “homebase” hours. I had a lot of fun experiences helping out with health promotion activities on campus.
  • When you’re looking to de-stress and relax a bit, where do you go on campus?
    I enjoy sitting outside in the sun by the Brooks College of Health fountain during breaks in class. It’s the warm respite from the icy cold air conditioning of the nursing classrooms.
  • What three traits define you?
    I think I am meticulous, diligent and relatable.
  • Do you have any advice for high school students?
    Try everything you can and really, really figure out how to effectively manage your time.
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When you see that you are making an impact on people, that gives you the motivation to continue.