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Osprey Profile

Hannah and Rachel Meiners

College of Arts and Sciences • International Studies

Twins Hannah and Rachel Meiners are majoring in International Studies and Spanish with a minor in TESOL. Both will graduate in December and move into the accelerated master program in TESOL, with an expected graduation date in Summer 2021. Self-described as globally minded, it’s not surprising that they are applying for Fulbright scholarships to teach English as a second language in a Spanish speaking country. Beyond that, both might consider teaching English to refugees and immigrants in the United States. Originally from Sterling, Illinois, they moved to St. Augustine five years ago. They chose UNF for the majors they were seeking and the study abroad opportunities. 
Get to Know Hannah and Rachel Meiners
  • What do you like most about UNF?
    Hannah: What I like most about UNF is making international friends and having the opportunities I have had through my majors. I am thankful to be able to use what I have learned in the classroom outside in a real-world situation.
  • What has been your coolest UNF experience so far?
    Rachel: On campus, my coolest UNF experience would be ziplining and paddle boarding at Eco Adventures. I love that UNF has these services for free.
  • Do you have any advice for high school students?
    Hannah: I recommend that high school students get involved in many kinds of activities and get out of their comfort zone. I highly recommend that they study abroad when in college because it will change their lives.
  • What does being an Osprey mean to you?
    Rachel: Being an Osprey to me means embracing diversity. I am proud to be an Osprey because we embrace different racial and religious backgrounds on campus. I love that UNF has the Department of Diversity Initiatives, which encompasses the Interfaith Center, the Women’s Center, Student Alliance for Inclusion/Diversity, and Intercultural Center for Peace.
  • Why did you decide to attend the University of North Florida?
    Hannah: I decided to attend UNF because it offered my programs (Spanish and International Studies) and offered many study abroad opportunities. Also, due to the beauty of the campus and the small class sizes.
  • When you’re looking to de-stress and relax a bit, where do you go on campus?
    Rachel: There are so many great places on campus to de-stress. UNF’s campus is so relaxing and beautiful. I like to go to the bamboo garden to de-stress. I am lucky that UNF has places like this to unwind. It does not feel as if you are on campus, and it transports you to another place.
Rachel and Hannah Meiners
We are proud to be Ospreys because of our values of promoting diversity and inclusion.