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Osprey Profile

Hannah Shutte

College of Arts and Sciences • School of Music

Hannah Shute is a junior at UNF majoring in music performance. She is from Atlanta and has been playing the cello for 10 years. She came to UNF to play soccer and the cello, but when she found it too challenging to do both, she chose the cello and has become an elite student musician. Shute was recently selected from among 10 cellists around the world to participate in the Sitka International Cello Seminar in Alaska this summer.
Get to Know Hannah Shutte
  • Why did you decide to attend the University of North Florida?
    Dr. Nick Curry is a wonderful cello teacher, and I was drawn to UNF because of his positive attitude and because it’s very evident that he deeply cares about all of his students.
  • What do you like most about UNF?
    Because of smaller class sizes, most of my classes cater to the individual, and the teachers are always willing to help.
  • What has been your coolest UNF experience so far?
    My coolest UNF experience was playing alongside the Lawson Ensemble in concert with Dr. Curry, Dr. Randall Tinnin, and members of the Jacksonville Symphony.
  • What does being an Osprey mean to you?
    It means that I get the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with my teachers and peers. These relationships are connections that will last me a lifetime and help me grow as a musician and person.
  • What’s your favorite UNF tradition?
    I really enjoy the annual UNF Cello Workshop. It’s great to see so many cellists congregate in one place with a common goal of improving together.
  • Do you have any advice for high school students?
    My advice to high school students is to work hard, but not to take things too seriously.
Hannah Shutte
I chose to major in music performance because I played cello throughout high school and
couldn’t imagine my life without it.