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Osprey Profile

Farouk Smith

Lagos, Nigeria • Health Administration and Public Administration

Farouk Smith earned an undergraduate degree in political science at UNF and enjoyed everything about the University: its scenery and diversity of student population as well as the opportunities available to incoming Ospreys. As a result, Smith returned to UNF to pursue master's degrees in health administration and public administration.
Get to Know Farouk Smith
  • What do you like most about UNF?
    Everything. I'm not kidding — small class sizes, world class opportunities that students at larger institutions are not afforded, location and weather, and alumni connection and engagement.
  • What has been your coolest UNF experience so far?
    Traveling to Israel for 10 days with the Jewish National Fund to learn about the socio-political climate of the region and surrounding states; traveling to D.C. to visit the White House, Pentagon and CIA buildings as part of my Real World Policy course; getting to see President Obama live at UNF’s Arena.
  • What does being an Osprey mean to you?
    Community, Commitment, Connection
  • What's your favorite UNF tradition?
    Market Days on Wednesdays
  • When you're looking to de-stress and relax a bit, where do you go on campus?
    I either take a walk around campus or go back to the lake outside of the Osprey Hall and Landings first-year residence buildings. This is not only a place of tranquility, but also a place that allows me to put things in perspective, as I lived in the Hall my first year. Henceforth, no matter how stressed I feel, I am always able to reflect back on how far I’ve come and breathe, assured that things always work out well in the end.
Farouk Smith, grad student
Don't be afraid to ask for advice and seek out professional opportunities and mentors. Learn from others' mistakes and create an action plan and commence.