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Abigail Camacho

Jacksonville • Communication

I had a lot of choices when it came to selecting the right college for me. After all, I attended the Paxon School for Advanced Studies’ International Baccalaureate program, so I could chose just about any public university in Florida. Only one stood out.


The University of North Florida felt like home. The Thomas G. Carpenter Library had already become something of a home away from home for me anyway. All those long hours studying for IB exams always brought me back there. I knew the campus and the quality of the education I could receive at UNF. It just made sense.


Also, I received a lot of financial support for choosing UNF. I was selected as a Jacksonville Commitment student and received a large scholarship for attending UNF. That, along with my IB scholarship, made it possible for me to go to college without having to take out debt to finance my education.


It seems like there’s always someone watching out for your best interests as a student here at UNF. That was clear from the beginning of my freshman year when I went through the

Quality for the Ultimate Educational Success Today (QUEST) Program offered by UNF’s Intercultural Center for PEACE.  QUEST is a summer program for first-time-in-college minority students where we’re taught the skills needed to do well in college. We also get to take some extra time to adjust to the University. The program made it so that I was comfortable and acclimated to life at UNF before I even started my classes, putting me in an even better position to succeed.


One of the aspects of UNF life that was made clear to me early on was the focus on small-class sizes and amazing teacher-student interaction. In just a short time, I’ve found that UNF professors take the time to get to know their students and are always willing to help. Even in larger lecture classes, it seems like every professor I’ve had thinks it’s important to get to know their students. It helps build a sense of intimacy across the campus. Walk around for a while and you’ll always spot a student or professor you know. And it’s always nice to take a walk around UNF because of how beautiful it is. The scenery is so natural and peaceful — it makes me feel at ease as I make my way to class.


In the past few months, I’ve become more involved with the clubs on campus like the Filipino Student Association and UNF Asian Students in Alliance (A.S.I.A.). My sister is president of A.S.I.A., so it’s been fun getting more involved with that group and helping out. I even did some Vietnamese fan dancing during an event organized by the group.  


I’m really glad I chose UNF. I feel more and more a part of the campus community every day. I’m learning, growing and looking forward to the future. That’s what college should be about, and UNF is making that possible for me.

Get to Know Abigail
  • What attracted you to UNF?
    The intimacy. Despite being such a small campus compared to others, it has a one-of-a-kind beauty.
  • How/Why did you decide to attend the University?
    UNF’s Tommy G. [Thomas G. Carpenter Library] gave my academics a helping hand before I even reached the collegiate level because I had to do research for the International Baccalaureate Program while I attended Paxon. UNF was already home.
  • Why did you pick UNF over other schools?
    UNF provides many opportunities to prosper, especially if you go out of your way to look for them. Not only are their scholarships helpful, but advisers are always looking to help guide you where your friends and families cannot.
  • What makes UNF unique?
    You can find many beautiful campuses around Florida and even around the country. But where else other than UNF can you find a campus whose beauty doesn’t rely solely on its architecture? UNF has beautiful buildings and amenities. But it also offers serenity and intimacy in the nature trails, the ponds and wildlife that surrounds and connects students. It helps us to be mindful of our actions and how they may affect the habitats around us!
Camacho, Abigail environmental
It seems like there’s always someone watching out for your best interests as a student here at UNF.