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Osprey Profile

Dallas Burke

Port St. Joe, Florida • Chemistry

Dallas Burke, a UNF senior majoring in chemistry, will tell you that some of his favorite memories at the University of North Florida have stemmed from his service in Student Government. As a Senator and then Senate President, he’s been involved with many initiatives, such as the Veterans Plaza, the free-printing initiative, Jaguar ticket sales and support of the current Student Health Services facility.

Burke said he’s been happy to invest his time in student government because of how much the organization has been able to do for the student body. “I’ve learned many valuable things that aren’t teachable in a classroom, and it’s nice to know that I can impact so many of my peers in a positive way,” Burke said.
Get to Know Dallas Burke
  • What is your major and why did you choose it?
    Chemistry - Have you ever thought about all of the awesome things that happen when you drive your car? It’s fascinating how the macro scale is governed by interactions on the atomic scale. Chemistry is the Earth’s code, and I learn it like a language. In my lifetime, I don’t want to be just a chemist, however. This major is giving me the scientific foundation that I need for my future.
  • What do you like most about UNF?
    UNF offers so many affordable study abroad opportunities. I spent six weeks in Athens, Greece, after my freshman year, and I can honestly say that this trip was life changing. The school places the students above all else. UNF’s mission statement states that “UNF faculty and staff maintain an unreserved commitment to student success,” and I have found this to be true. My education is rich because the University administrators focus on providing a high quality education for every student without lowering standards.
  • What’s your favorite UNF tradition?
    My favorite tradition is being a part of the student section at basketball games. We have developed our own culture in the eastern baseline section. We get rowdy, we get in our opponents’ heads, and we put our “Haaands Up!” during free throws. I won’t ever forget that time we rushed the court after winning the conference championship in 2015. SWOOP!
  • What’s your biggest challenge so far as a UNF student?
    My biggest challenge is deciding what I am able to commit to. My grades and my education are my top priority, but outside of the classroom, I push myself to be involved with as much as I can. Sometimes I stretch myself so thin to where I don’t know how I am going to make it through the week. Time is the greatest challenge, and sacrifices have to be made.
  • What does being an Osprey mean to you?
    Being an Osprey means that I don’t conform to century-old traditions; I create them myself. Being an Osprey means that I know what I want in an education, and I don’t have to sacrifice quality just to attend a big name university. Being an Osprey means that I’m about to leave the Nest with everything I need to take on the world.
  • If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see and why?
    I would have traveled with Neil Armstrong in the Space Race and watch him become the first human to step foot on the moon in 1969. That step signifies an accomplishment for the entire human race; not even gravity can stop us. Sometime in the 2030s, I want to be the first man to walk on Mars.
Dallas Burke speaking at Student Senate
I’m thankful for my decision to come to UNF, because I’ve had so many opportunities to grow in ways that I never would have at another university. I made the right call.