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Osprey Profile

Audrey Carpenter

Ocala • Political Science, Spanish and Communication

Audrey Carpenter is an Honors student and a standout student-athlete committed to excellence in everything she does. Though she is a triple major, Carpenter is still graduating in four years and is a leader on both the track and cross country teams. Swoop!
Get to Know Audrey
  • What do you like most about UNF?
    I love the campus size and the close-knit community that I have felt in all my disciplines. At UNF, I’m not a number; I’m an individual who people have invested in.
  • What has been your coolest UNF experience so far?
    Being an athlete for the University is an amazing experience every day. However, my favorite school experience was when my Global Issues class went to Washington D.C. and presented our policy memo to politicians and federal employees.
  • If you could meet one historical figure for coffee, who would it be and why?
    I would love to meet Jane Austen because she is one of my favorite authors and wrote during a time where female novelists were few and far between.
  • Do you have any advice for high school students?
    My advice for high school students would be to practice commitment. I’ve noticed that people who fail generally fail because they lack commitment or the ability to follow things through to the end. In any task and in any relationship, commitment is necessary for success. There will be hardships and times of joy, but if you don’t have commitment, you won’t make it to the joyful part.
UNF student Audrey Carpenter
Being an Osprey is about supporting others. As an athlete and a student, there have been numerous occasions where the University has supported me, and I think it’s only fair that I give back by doing the same for the people in my community.