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Meet the Team

Osprey Productions is currently hiring! Applications for the DuPilka-Bermudez Administration are closed; if you have applied for a position, please check your email for updates on our hiring process.

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    Student Director
    The OP Student Director is in charge of overseeing all of Osprey Productions operations. While maintaining the office and supervising the other OP staff, the Director works with the Student Body Vice President to produce quality campus events. This involves overseeing all event planning from start to finish, routing contracts for event services, managing the OP and Homecoming budget, and reporting operational updates to Senate.
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    Student Assistant Director
    The OP Student Assistant Director reports to the OP Student Director. The Assistant Director helps oversee the other OP staff, as well as manages all of OP's announcements through the UNF Calendar of Events, Osprey Update for Faculty/Staff, and Osprey Update for Students. The Assistant Director also plays an integral part in the event planning throughout the year, helping where needed.
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    Graphic Designer
    The Graphic Designer is in charge of creating all original digital content for the agency. This position works mainly in the Adobe Suite, inlcuding Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, as well as the Microsoft Office Suite. The Graphic Designer creates content such as flyers, A-Frame posters, banners and more. The Graphic Designer may also complete other tasks as assigned by the Student Director and/or Assistant Director.
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    Communications Coordinator
    The Communications Coordinator manages the marketing aspects of OP, especially event marketing. Working with the Event Coordinator(s), the position advertises OP's events throughout the year on OP's website and various social media accounts, and is the primary contact for all electronic communication for the agency. The Communications Coordinator also serves as the main event photographer for all OP events, and preserves OP's historical documents and photos.
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    Student Engagement Coordinator
    The Student Engagement Coordinator for OP is reponsible for the recruitment, retension, and management of the OP volunteers, otherwise known as Talon Members. This position works alongside the volunteers before, during, and after all OP events. The Student Engagement Coordinator also participates in UNF Market Days to recruit new Talon Members, as well as promote OP events. The Student Engagement Coordinator may complete other tasks as assigned by the Student Director and/or Assistant Director.
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    Event Coordinator
    The Event Coordinator(s) plans and sees through to completion several events of their own creation throughout the year. This position is responsible for overseeing three Movie Nights, three Market Days, and two-three campus events per semester, as well as one large event per year. The Event Coordinator(s) works closely with the other OP staff to market, route purchasing paperwork such as purchase requests and contracts, event approval forms, and After Action reports for their events. The Event Coordinator(s) are committed to the effective planning, execution, and cleanup of all OP events.