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Parent and Family Orientation-Due to COVID-19 there have been major changes to 2020 Parent and Family programming. All updates can be found on the COVID-19 Updates - New Student Orientation website. If you have questions or concerns please contact Parent and Family Orientation at Our staff has transitioned to work remotely in response to COVID-19, but we are actively responding to emails.  



Parent and Family Orientation Registration

Parent and Family Orientation registration is matched up with the Orientation session your student has registered to attend. Please have ready the date your student has chosen, so that you can ensure that you are attending the same dates. Should your plans change, please contact Parent and Family Orientation so that we may update our records.


Due to COVID-19, Parent & Family Orientation is virtual! Schedule and information will be released soon.

 Register today!


Please note that Parent and Family Orientation is geared towards the parents and adult members of a student’s extended family.




2020 Parent and Family Agenda

Coming soon!