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Welcome to the UNF Parent and Family Page! We hope that you can use this page a resource for your UNF student. Whether its your first student in higher education or your fifth, there is always more to learn. 



UNF has a variety of services for students that can assist your student while enrolled. Students and families can check out the services on the UNF website.

Student Services




Have questions for us or need assistance? Email Parent and Family Orientation!
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First Year 

It's year one! The first year of a students college career is important but it is also a time for exploration. It can also be a time of change. This is a time for your student to learn and grown and they will ask you for advice and help. Over the next few years use these tips to help your student.
  1. Make a communication plan. You are use to seeing your student at least once a day. Now you'll have to rely on phones to keep up. Make a communication plan with your student!
  2. Visit during Family Weekend. This is a weekend dedicated to Family activities and a chance for you to experience some of the same activities that your student does.
  3. Encourage your student to join an organization. 
  4. Make sure your student has a plan for their studies. College academics are different than high school. Make sure they have a way to know due dates and a study plan. 

Second Year

Welcome to year 2 at UNF! Your student has made it to their sophomore status and lets ensure its not their sophomore slump.

  1. If your student has not declare their major this year is important for exploring their options. Chat with advisors, and check out career services.
  2. Is your student interested in Studying Abroad? Check with the Study Abroad office to see what options they have and how they can learn in another country. 
  3. Is your student ready for a job? There are many jobs on campus that can help a student bring in some funds. Check out

Third Year 

Your student is now considered an upperclassmen. Many might have begun their major courses while others may still be working on their prerequisites and deciding what path to choose. 

Tips to get your student through Year 3:

  1. Your student may start to doubt their choice of major or path. Recommend them to talk to career services to help them.
  2. Your student may need or want to start looking at internships for the year or next year. Encourage them to start making connections now.

Final Year

Its here! The final year of their time at UNF. They made it! Now its time to support them in their transition from a student into a professional member of society. Its the final year but they are not quite done yet....

  1. Remind them that there is still business to take care of. Encourage them to check deadlines such as applying for graduation, completing financial aid requirements, and ordering their cap and gown for the ceremonies.
  2. Time to visit career services again to brush up on interview tips, resumes, and more.
  3. Remind them to have fun and celebrate!