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Online Accelerated-Term Programs: Student Information

Online accelerated-term programs are fully-online programs containing distance learning courses offered in a format that is shorter than the standard course length.  Courses carry the same rigor and expectations as courses taught in a full length term.




"Online" -- refers to the course modality, or the delivery method for the course.  Online courses are also referred to as Distance Learning courses.


 "Accelerated-term" -- refers to the length of the course within the standard semester term. The timing of processes and deadlines may be different for accelerated-term courses, in comparison to standard semester length courses. 


In accelerated-term programs, courses are offered in two parts (halves) of the standard semester term.  During the Fall and Spring term, these parts-of-term are 8-weeks in length. In the schedule, Fall and Spring parts-of-term are referred to as: 1st Half (1H) and 2nd Half (2H.)  During the Summer, the parts-of-term are 6-weeks in length, referred to as Summer A and B.


With parts-of-term, additional registration periods and deadlines may apply. The 1H part-of-term is synchronized with the beginning of the standard term for most deadlines, while 2H part-of-term has several additional dates associated.


Online Accelerated-Term Programs: Dates & Deadlines

The Online Accelerated-Term Programs: Dates & Deadlines is a web page that contains information that applies only to students enrolled in the online programs which follow accelerated (not full semester) parts-of-terms. The Dates & Deadlines web page supplements but does not replace the official University Calendar (UNF Academic Calendar)

Unless otherwise indicated, all official university dates and deadlines are maintained on the  UNF Academic Calendar. Students enrolled in online classes and most online programs should refer first to the UNF Academic Calendar for important registration and financial deadlines, then to the Online Accelerated-Term Programs: Dates & Deadlines web page for any additional information. 


Financial Deadlines and Late Registration

As part of the standard terms, Tuition and Fees must be paid or pended by the dates posted on the UNF Academic Calendar

Late Registration and Drop/Add period applies for 1H and 2H courses in accelerated-term programs. 

View the UNF Academic Calendar for registration and payment deadlines, reinstatement, and withdrawal dates. 


Students in accelerated-term programs can register for both parts-of-term 1H and 2H during the same registration period. Students are encouraged to register for 1H and 2H courses as soon as the registration period opens.  Early and complete registration results in more accurate financial aid packaging.



Students enrolled in an online accelerated-term program are eligible for reinstatement following the purge for non-payment for each part-of-term. View the University Calendar for reinstatement dates uniquely associated with parts-of-terms.


Continuous Enrollment

The University of North Florida has defined Continuous Enrollment of all students. Students in online accelerated-term programs will be evaluated under the same definition, which means evaluation is tied to traditional semester terms, not the parts-of-terms.  



Degrees are conferred only once per semester (at the end of each semester) for all eligible students (policy 2.0650P and  2.0400P).




If you have questions about distance learning tuition, fees, or policies, contact Distance Learning Student Services (DLSS) at (904) 620-DLSS (3577)  or