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UNF Online

How do I view My UNF Communications?

UNF Online (and Distance Learning Student Services) sends SOLO emails through the official UNF Communications System.
Email logged in UNF’s Communications System is part of the student’s permanent record.

Students can view My UNF Communications in myWings by following these instructions:

  • In myWings, on the Student tab, find the My Records channel.
  • In the My Records channel, select My UNF Communications.
  • This will display the UNF Communications Sent screen. 
  • Look for communications sent from UNF Online by selecting "UNF Online" in the Department: drop down menu.
  • Select a broader date range by changing the Start and End Date fields.
  • The date the email was sent to you is displayed in the Requested column.

To view the email content: click on the hyperlink in the Description column.

  • The earliest dated email will be the email titled "SOLO Introduction."
  • This email contains complete instructions for accessing SOLO.
  • If SOLO was completed, an email titled "SOLO Course Completed" will be present.
  • If no email titled "SOLO Course Completed" exists, SOLO has not been completed.