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Student Online Learning Orientation (SOLO)

Faculty View: Student Online Learning Orientation (SOLO) Status


Faculty are able to view a SOLO status roster for each of their distance learning courses in Faculty Self-Service.  The SOLO Status roster provides filtering to allow faculty to quickly identify students who have not completed SOLO and to email students individually or as a group.

To view the current status of students in your classes relative to SOLO:

  1. Select "SOLO Status" on the Faculty & Advisors Menu in Faculty Self Service.
  2. Select a Term.  Select a CRN.
  3. View the SOLO status for each student enrolled or waitlisted for the selected course section.
  4. Use the "Status Filter" to filter the list to see students who have "Not Completed" SOLO
  5. Conveniently email all the students displayed by copying and pasting the email addresses shown in the "Email Address List" box at the bottom of the page into any email application.
  6. For additional information, view the "Help" menu in the upper right corner.

The image below is an example of the SOLO Status roster.