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UNF Online


UNF Online supports faculty on research projects related to online teaching and learning, such as assisting with disseminating research results, monitoring recent trends in research, partnering in publications, assisting with the development of student and faculty satisfaction surveys, and data analysis.

Assess the Impact of Online Learning

UNF Online works to assess the impact of online learning by working directly with faculty on research related to learning effectiveness of online and blended courses designed with quality standards in mind, implementation of innovative online learning strategies and tools that promote active learning, and exemplary contributions and mentoring on the practice of online course design and delivery, including high levels of instructor-student or student-student interaction, and community engagement.

Discipline-Specific Research

View our Discipline-Specific Research page for a list of links to research articles about various aspects and the efficacy of Distance Learning as it pertains to specific disciplines. For a searchable resource of academic studies on the learning outcomes of online and/or hybrid education compared to face-to-face environments, view the Online Learning Efficacy Research Database developed by the OSU’s Ecampus Research Unit.

Recent Projects

Wagner, D. L., Hulen, K.G. (2016). Collaborating with an instructional designer to develop a quality learner-engaged online course. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 6(4):40-47.




For questions about starting research projects related to online teaching and learning, contact Kevin Hulen