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Appealing an Academic Decision

The University of North Florida operates on the commitment that all members of its community should be treated fairly in regard to their rights and responsibilities and in accordance with the UNF constitution, the Florida and U.S. Constitutions, and the United Faculty of Florida. These documents uphold a faculty member's right to control the content of the syllabus and reading material, to determine the content of examinations, and to uphold the right to free speech. These rights constitute the faculty member's guarantee of academic freedom.

Therefore, the following procedures have been developed to provide an impartial arena for resolution of conflicts that cannot be resolved successfully between the primary parties involved. Students may appeal grades they believe have been assigned (a) arbitrarily or capriciously; (b) contrary to the criteria announced in the course; or (c) for constitutionally and/or legally impermissible reasons.

The following information links relate to the appeals process for academic decisions: