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Withdrawal Policies

Withdrawal Limitation

Effective fall 2013, there is a course withdrawal limit for all degree-seeking and non-degree seeking undergraduate students. The limit is six (6) UNF course withdrawals.

  • Three (3) course withdrawals at the 1000/2000 level
  • Three (3) course withdrawals at the 3000 level or higher

Unused withdrawals are forfeited and may not be carried forward. After the withdrawal limit is reached, students will be blocked from further course withdrawals by the myWings registration system.


Any course withdrawals that took place prior to fall 2013 do not count toward the limit. The withdrawal limitation only applies to courses taken in fall 2013 or later. Additionally, courses with a grade of "WM" (Medical Withdrawal), "WS" (Military Service Withdrawal), or "WR" (Withdrawal with Refund) are excluded from the limitation policy. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor prior to completing a course withdrawal if there are questions about how this will affect the academic record or future coursework options.


Please note that the University does not have a withdrawal limit policy for graduate students. However, graduate programs may have their own requirements, therefore students are advised to first consult with their graduate program director before withdrawing from any course.

General Withdrawal Information

  • A student may withdraw from a course, or the University, after the administrative drop for non-payment until the withdrawal deadline listed in the Academic Calendar.
  • Students may withdraw in the myWings web portal through Student Self-Service on the Students tab (Student Resources box and through My Student Records link, if using new myWings), complete an official withdrawal request in One-Stop Student Services, or send a signed request for withdrawal postmarked no later than the deadline. Late withdrawals will be considered only if the student has documentation of extenuating circumstances and has an approved Student Petition of Academic Policy for a withdrawal after the deadline.
  • Any courses from which a student withdraws will be assigned a grade of "W." If a student stops attending class and does not officially withdraw, a final grade of "F" will be assigned. Once grades for a semester have been posted, withdrawals will not be permitted.
  • After the close of the add/drop period through the 25 percent refund deadline, students who completely withdraw from all courses for the semester and have paid tuition in full will receive a 25 percent refund (less repeat assessment, excess hour assessment, and capital and improvement fees). This refund is dependent upon meeting the deadline date indicated in the Academic Calendar as the last day to receive a 25 percent refund, approximately 4 weeks into the term. The 25 percent refund applies only to fall, spring, and cross-term summer classes - summer A, B, 8-week, and 10-week classes are not eligible for a 25 percent refund.
  • Withdrawing from class(es) does not relieve the student from financial liability. Please refer to the refund policy to determine your eligibility for a refund.

Instructions for Withdrawal

  • Log in to myWings
  • Click Student Records tile
  • Select Student Self-Service
  • Choose Registration
  • Click on Withdraw Courses

To withdraw from a class, select the Term and click the Submit button. Select "Withdraw" as the New Registration Status for the course(s) you'd like to process and click the Withdraw Courses button. The Current Registration Status will change to "Withdrawn" if the submission is successful. Please confirm that the Current Registration Status has changed to "Withdrawn" before leaving the page.

Withdrawal After the Deadline

If an unusual circumstance prevented you from withdrawing prior to the deadline, you may be able to petition. Learn more about withdrawing after the deadline.

Complete Withdrawal

Complete Withdrawal is the formal process of leaving the University. Dropping all classes or withdrawing from all classes in a term is not the same as a Complete Withdrawal from the University. Once the Complete Withdrawal process has been completed, the student's academic responsibility with the University will be discontinued, though a Complete Withdrawal does not excuse the student from any financial responsibilities the student may have incurred with the University. A Complete Withdrawal must be initiated by a student's academic advisor, and a student wishing to completely withdraw must meet with an academic advisor in person or through a mutually agreed upon meeting format. Students who completely withdraw from the University will receive a grade of WC (Complete Withdrawal) in each course. Terms in which grades have already rolled to academic history are ineligible for a complete withdrawal and "WC" grades. The assigned "WC" grade will count toward the total withdrawals allowed and will remain on the academic transcript. A student who completely withdraws from the University may not continue to attend class. Complete withdrawal from all courses will result in a registration hold being placed on the student in future terms. Students who want to enroll in a future term must meet with their advisor.


This policy is not to be confused with withdrawing from all courses in a term to receive a 25 percent refund of tuition and fees. Students who withdraw from all courses (excluding Summer A, B, 8- and 10-week courses) by the deadline posted on the Academic Calendar and receive the refund, but intend to re-enroll at the University would not be covered under the University's official Complete Withdrawal policy. The Complete Withdrawal policy outlines the formal process of leaving the University.


View the University's current official policy.