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Learning for a Lifetime at UNF

Update for Summmer 2020: Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s social distancing protocols and guidance from the State University System of Florida all summer 2020 courses are being delivered online or using a remote instructional method. There are no in-person classes for the summer 2020 term. To help decide if online or remote learning is right for you, we strongly encourage you to review the frequently asked questions about UNF online learning. You can also review the distance learning readiness page.   

The Learning for a Lifetime (LFL) program was designed to promote the increasing desire for knowledge among experienced citizens of the First Coast community. The LFL program allows Florida senior citizen residents to audit college-level courses with tuition waived. There is no application fee, no course limit, and no grades are given in the LFL program.


Apply to the Learning for a Lifetime Program


To be considered an LFL student, you must be:

  • A Florida resident
  • Sixty years of age or older
  • Admitted and classified as a senior citizen in the Office of Admissions prior to registering for classes


An Application and a Residency Declaration is required for all new Learning for a Lifetime participants and those returning after breaking continuous enrollment (not taking classes for three consecutive terms). All students must also submit a UNF Immunization Health Form when first joining the program. 


Students must apply to the Learning for a Lifetime program online

Application  Summer 2020 Fall 2020
Application deadline  May 1, 2020 Aug. 1, 2020

Selecting Courses

UNF Course Schedule


Courses may be taken on space-available basis only. LFL students may not use their fee waiver for MAT 1033, dissertation, thesis, practicum, independent study, applied music, supervised research, supervised teaching, and internship courses. 


Restrictions on courses may limit an LFL’s course selection. Restrictions are listed in the catalog and course schedule and will prevent you from adding the restricted course to your schedule. If you are interested in taking a course with a restriction, you must contact the department offering the course prior to registration. You may provide written approval from the academic department or professor to the appropriate academic advising office and an override will be assigned, allowing you to register for the course on the designated registration day.


There is a specific LFL registration day. You must register for courses on the designated LFL registration day for tuition fees to be waived. 


For the summer 2020 term, there will be no in-person registration assistance available for summer registration. Students are responsible for self-registering via their myWings accounts. 

**NEW** The University requires two-factor authentication for most applications. The purpose of two-factor authentication is to protect your UNF account and personal information. It adds a quick and easy step to the login process. After entering your UNF ID and password, it requires you to validate your identity by responding to a prompt using a second factor such as a mobile device. Please visit the Duo web page for instructions on how to set up your extra layer of security.


IMPORTANT: If you register for classes before the assigned registration day, you will be responsible for all tuition and fees.


Registration type Summer 2020 Fall 2020
Course Registration Begins for Admitted Participants May 8, 2020 Aug. 14, 2020
Late Registration Begins $100 late fee assessed May 11, 2020 Aug. 20, 2020
Registration Assistance Day, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. N/A Aug. 14, 2020





Most fees are automatically waived unless you have registered for courses for which you will receive credit. Your fee assessment will show a balance due until the fee waiver has been applied. The fee system generally updates during the week following Add/Drop. Fee waivers are not available to senior citizens taking any courses for credit.


As an LFL student, you are responsible for the following fees:  


  • Classes you register for prior to LFL registration day
  • Late fees incurred by registering during the Late Registration period as noted on the Academic Calendar
  • Lab/studio fees associated with certain courses 
  • Parking permit (purchase online)- not applicable in summer 2020
  • Distance Learning Fee associated with online courses
  • Fees not covered by the LFL waiver must be paid by the payment deadline listed in the Academic Calendar; late payments are subject to a $100 late payment fee that is not covered by the LFL waiver  




Need help?


Check out these how-to videos for quick tutorials and how to resolve common issues!


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