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Petitioning University Academic Policies and Regulations

Approved March 1, 2007 by the Faculty Association


Students seeking variances from University academic policies and regulations may petition select policies. Submitting a petition does not guarantee that a particular policy will be waived as petitions are considered exceptions and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Policies and Regulations That May Not Be Petitioned

The following items are considered variances from University academic policies, which may not be petitioned under any circumstances:

  1. A student may not drop a course(s) after the add/drop deadline date. The student is fee liable and must withdraw.
  2. A student may not request to withdraw from a course after grades are posted.
  3. A student may not add a course(s) beyond the add/drop deadline as posted on the Academic Calendar.
  4. A student may not request to extend the deadline to reinstate into classes from which the student has been removed due to non-payment of fees. The deadline is posted on the Academic Calendar.
  5. A student may not request to change from audit to credit or credit to audit after the add/drop deadline.
  6. A student may not request to extend a grade change deadline beyond 90 days from the end of the term that the grade was assigned.
  7. A student may not request that grade forgiveness or term forgiveness be removed or exchanged once applied.
  8. A student may not request to apply a previous attempt of a repeated course toward graduation requirements. The student's last attempt of a course will be the one used to determine degree completion.
  9. A student may not request that original and/or repeated grades be excluded from GPA calculations without using grade forgiveness.
  10. A student may not request that calculations for Latin Honors Distinction exclude forgiven attempts at courses. GPA calculations for Latin Honors are based on all credits earned at UNF.
  11. A student may not request to receive a designation of Latin Honors for which the student does not meet the qualifications.
  12. A student may not request release from suspension without approval from the appropriate academic officers. Reinstatement procedures vary by college.
  13. A student may not request that academic probationary status be removed from an academic record for any given term in which the student was placed in that status.
  14. A student may not petition grades and/or grade-related penalties. These are to be appealed under either the University's policy for Appealing Academic Misconduct Decisions or for Appealing Academic Grades Unrelated to Academic Misconduct.