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Private Loan Instructions

The UNF Private Loan Notification Form is not a loan application. Rather, this form notifies the UNF Financial Aid staff that you have already applied for a private education loan with a bank and is a request for UNF to certify your loan.  

  1. Complete a private education loan application with the bank you have selected. Students will need the bank’s lender code to complete the UNF Private Loan Notification Form. To obtain this code, please contact the selected bank directly.
  2. Your private education lender will notify you if you have been approved or denied for your loan. If you are denied, you (the applicant) will receive a denial letter from your lender. Some lenders will notify UNF of a loan denial. However, if UNF is not notified of the denial, your private loan will remain on your myWings financial aid award but will not disburse. If you do receive a denial letter or email, please notify One-Stop Student Services as soon as possible. If you have questions about why you were denied, please contact your bank directly for more information.
  3. If you are approved, download the appropriate UNF Private Loan Notification Form:
    1.  2019-2020 Private Loan Notification Form: fall 2019, spring 2020 or summer 2020
  4. You MUST include your private bank’s name and lender code on the form.
  5. IMPORTANT: If you have not filed the FAFSA, you must either file a FASFA ( or complete Section III of the Private Loan Notification Form to indicate that you have not and will not file a FAFSA for the specified aid year. Without a FAFSA or Section III for the Private Loan Notification Form filled out, your Private loan will not be certified.  Be advised that students have federally protected rights regarding private education loans; more information regarding these rights can be found at .
  6. Sign the Private Loan Notification Form and submit to One-Stop Student Services. This can be done in-person or by faxing to 904-620-2414. Based on the information you provide on the form, Financial Aid will process your request for certification. The amount certified will be based on your Cost of Attendance budget minus all other aid and resources you may be receiving. The amount certified could be less than the amount approved by your bank. The certification process can take anywhere from 10 business days to several weeks, depending on the time of year.
  7. You (and your co-signer, if applicable) must sign a Private Loan Self Certification form and Promissory Note with the lender. The Private Loan Self Certification form can be found on your lender’s website or on the UNF websitePrivate Loan Self Certification forms must be submitted to the bank, not to UNF. Your bank will communicate to you how and when to complete the Promissory Note.