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Understanding Your Financial Aid Award

Beginning in March of each year, FAFSA results are used to determine student eligibility for financial aid. Students are awarded according to their individual financial aid eligibility. We begin reviewing files for the upcoming academic year in late March.

Award information is posted in each student's myWings. Initial awards are based on the assumption of full-time enrollment for the fall and spring terms. The posting of an award does not guarantee your eligibility. After the add/drop period has ended, awards are disbursed to your UNF bill based on your actual enrollment.  Aid programs that do not require full-time enrollment will prorate based on the number of credit hours you are registered in. 

Make sure you know the enrollment requirements for each of your award programs. Enrollment and eligibility requirements can be found in the UNF Financial Aid Guide.


Loans  Scholarships  Grants  

You are responsible for keeping track of your financial aid file,
before and after you receive your award information.

  • Check your myWings account and your UNF e-mail regularly for the most up to date financial aid information.
  • Monitor the “Financial Aid Requirements” section of your myWings account. Submit all required documents in a timely manner.
  • Through the Verification process, your eligibility may change resulting in an adjustment of your awards.
  • Resources not listed in your UNF financial aid award may affect your eligibility. Notify One-Stop of any additional resources, such as Florida PrePaid, Third-Party payments, Social Security or military benefits.
  • If you have questions, contact One-Stop at (904) 620-5555 or through the online Contact Form.

Additional Information

Concurrent Enrollment and Financial Aid 
Taking classes at another institution through concurrent/transient enrollment will affect how your financial aid awards pay.


UNF Net Price Calculator
The net price calculator uses institutional data to provide estimated net price information to current and prospective students and their families based on a student’s individual circumstances.


Withdrawal and Financial Aid
Withdrawing from classes will affect how your financial aid awards pay.