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Florida Bright Futures Program

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program has undergone many changes in the last several years. Please review the Bright Futures Student Handbook for more detailed information about the program. 

Requirements to Receive an Award

1. Evaluated by Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) as meeting the initial eligibility requirements

2. Graduated with a standard high school diploma or its equivalent

3. Be a Florida resident and U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen

4. Enroll as a degree-seeking student in at least six non-remedial credit hours per term

School Selection

Degree-seeking students, including FTIC, current and transfer students are required to select UNF as their preferred institution on the Florida's Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) website. This enables UNF to access your file and add the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship to your financial aid. Transient students will receive funding from their home institution. If you have questions about your state aid eligibility, or about selecting UNF as your preferred institution, please call OSFA at 1-888-827-2004.

Florida Residency 

To receive Bright Futures you must be a Florida resident and be either a U.S citizen or eligible non-citizen. To avoid delays to your Bright Futures awarding, please complete a Florida residency declaration. For further information regarding Florida residency please visit One Stop Student Service's residency webpage.

Enrollment Eligibility 

To be eligible for Bright Futures , students must be degree-seeking and enroll in a minimum of six non-remedial credit hours per term. A student who has less than six credit hours of remaining Bright Futures eligibility, or who needs fewer than six credit hours to graduate, may be funded if enrolled for less than 6 credit hours. Students who are about to graduate will need a completed graduation application to be awarded for less than six credit hours. 

Award Amounts for Academic Year 2020-2021

Bright Futures Scholarship Award Amount Per Credit Hour
Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) $207.73 (Plus a $300 book stipend for fall and spring term only)
Academic Top Scholars $44.00 (In addition to FAS amount, for fall and spring term only)
Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) $155.79

Bright Futures for Fall and Spring Term

At UNF, Bright Futures is initially awarded to students with a "placeholder" estimate. The initial estimate is based on 15 credit hours at the current year's credit hour rate. Once student registers and/or after the end of the add/drop week, the award amount will update based on the actual credit hours.

Bright Futures for Spring Term 

If you plan to transfer to UNF from another institution for the spring term, please ensure you select UNF as your school of choice for term 2 in your Florida Office of Student Financial Aid account. UNF's school code is 161. 

Bright Futures for Summer Term  

Summer Bright Futures awards will initially post upon enrollment in six degree-applicable credit hours. Once student registers and/or after the end of the add/drop week, the award amount will update based on the actual credit hours. There is no book stipend or Academic Top Scholar award for summer.


To be considered for summer funding, select UNF as your preferred institution for the appropriate summer term on the Florida's Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) website. Continuing students should select Term 6 of the 2020-2021 year, while recent high school graduates should select Term 0 of the 2021-2022 year.


Renewal for 2021-2022 is based on grades and hours earned during fall and spring terms only. Bright Futures Scholars who do not renew for 2021-2022 may still receive 2020-2021 summer funding. 


Grades earned during summer may only be used for renewal if a student qualifies for a one time restoration opportunity. To request grades earned during summer to be reported to OSFA for restoration, you must submit the Scholarship Action Request Form located in your myWings account. Please visit the Florida Bright Futures website for detailed explanations of restoration eligibility.


For more information, please review Bright Futures Summer Frequently Asked Questions.

Renewal Eligibility

Renewal eligibility is based on grades and hours earned during fall and spring term. Renewal evaluation occurs at the end of the spring term. UNF will automatically report students' overall cumulative GPA and earned hours to Florida's Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA).


1. Students must earn the number of required annual credit hours based on students enrollment type per term:

Enrollment for Term Minimum Earned Credit Hours Required for Term
If funded full time (12+ credit hours) 12 earned credit hours
If funded 3/4 time (9-11 credit hours) 9 earned credit hours
If funded 1/2 time (6-8 credit hours) 6 earned credit hours

For Example: A student funded full-time in fall term and funded 3/4 time in spring term, would be required to earn a minimum of 21 credit hours by the end of spring term. 


Use the Bright Futures Credit Hour Tool to view required annual earned credit hours based on your specific enrollment scenario.


2. The renewal cumulative GPA requirements are outlined in the table below:

 Renewal Requirement Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS)

Minimum cumulative GPA 

(unrounded and unweighted)

3.0* 2.75

*Florida Academic Scholars with a 2.75-2.99 will renew as Florida Medallion Scholars.


Renewal students must earn the GPA indicated above on all college courses attempted, including high school dual enrollment courses. A student may submit a Scholarship Action Request Form to request the exclusion of high school dual enrollment courses from their GPA calculation, if needed, to meet the GPA renewal criteria.

Failure to Meet Renewal Requirements

Renewal criteria must be met each academic year based on grade and hours submitted for the fall and spring terms only. Failure to meet renewal criteria will result in loss of scholarship. A student who did not meet renewal criteria due to extenuating circumstances beyond his or her control may submit an Enrollment Services Appeal along with supporting documentation.

Bright Futures Scholarship Action Request Form

If there is a change to your renewal eligibility due to grade forgiveness, grade changes, consortium hours earned or repayment status, you will need to submit a Scholarship Action Request Form in myWings to ask the university to update your record. If needed for renewal, you may also request to exclude dual enrollment coursework from GPA calculation. Students who have graduated may request renewal evaluation for Bright Futures graduate funding eligibility. 


A one time restoration opportunity is available under these limited circumstances:

  • Students who DID NOT meet the minimum renewal GPA requirement in their first year of funding, but DID meet the earned hours renewal requirement may be permitted a one-time restoration opportunity. Summer term may be used by students to assist in meeting the GPA requirement for this one time restoration opportunity.
  • A scholar who was initially eligible for the Florida Academic Scholar award, but then dropped to Florida Medallion Scholar award due to not meeting the 3.0 renewal GPA requirement has a one-time opportunity to restore to a Florida Academic Scholar.

Students who do not meet the minimum earned hours requirement, in any year, will NOT be permitted a restoration opportunity. Summer term can NOT be used to meet the minimum earned hours requirement.


For a more detailed explanation of restoration policies or to complete the Reinstatement/Restoration Application, please visit the Florida Bright Futures website.


An eligible student who did not receive funding during the prior year and would now like to apply for scholarship funding is a reinstating student. A student is eligible to apply for reinstatement up to five years from high school graduation. For a more detailed explanation of reinstatement policies or to complete the Reinstatement/Restoration Application, please visit the Florida Bright Futures website.

Course Withdrawals

A student must repay the state any scholarship funds received for a course dropped or withdrawn after the initial add/drop period. A debt will be placed on the student account, which must be paid to UNF. UNF will then reimburse the state. Failure to pay back a debt owed due to withdrawn hours will render a student ineligible to receive funding in subsequent years.