Florida Bright Futures Program

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program has undergone many changes in the last several years. We recommend that you visit the Bright Futures website for the most current information about the program.

For Academic Year 2015-2016

Students are no longer required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before Florida Bright Futures Scholarship funds can disburse. This requirement was repealed by 2013 legislation. 


Award Amounts for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 (as determined by the Florida State Legislature):


  Per Credit Hour
Florida Academic Scholars


Academic Top Scholars $44.00 (In addition to the Florida Academic Scholarship)
Florida Medallion Scholars $77.00

Gold Seal Vocational Scholars
UNF does not currently have any Gold Seal eligible programs; therefore students who were initially eligible for the Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship upon high school graduation in 2011-2012 or thereafter will not be able to receive Bright Futures funding at the University of North Florida.



At UNF, Bright Futures is initially awarded to students with a "placeholder" estimate. This placeholder is based on an average of 15 credit hours at the prior year's rate per credit hour. Once registration has begun for the upcoming academic term, students will notice that their Bright Futures awards have adjusted. This adjustment is based on their actual number of hours enrolled and the current year's award rate (as established by the Florida State Legislature). 


Florida's Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) requires that you select UNF as your preferred institution on OSFA's website. Failure to do so will keep UNF from accessing your file, which will result in our inability to add the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship to your financial aid awards. If you have questions about your state aid eligibility, or about selecting UNF as your preferred institution, please call OSFA at 1-888-827-2004.


Renewal Eligibility

Renewal eligibility is an automatic process that occurs at the end of the spring term for those students who received funding during the current year. UNF reports the overall cumulative GPA  and hours completed for the year to the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) of the Florida Department of Education in Tallahassee. Renewal students must earn the GPA and the required hours indicated below on all college coursework attempted, including high school dual coursework. The student may request the exclusion of dual enrollment courses completed while attending high school from the GPA, if needed to meet requirements by submitting a Bright Futures Action Request Form.


Renewal for Awards Funded in 2011-2012 to present

  Academic Scholars Medallion Scholars Gold Seal Scholars
Minimum cumulative GPA (unrounded)



If funded full time (12+ hours) 12 earned hours 12 earned hours 12 earned hours
If funded 3/4 time (9-11 hours) 9 earned hours 9 earned hours 9 earned hours
If funded 1/2 time (6-8 hours) 6 earned hours 6 earned hours 6 earned hours


 *Florida Academic Scholars with a 2.75-2.99 will renew as Florida Medallion Scholars.


Withdrawn Classes

A student must repay the state any scholarship funds received for a course dropped or withdrawn after the initial add/drop period. A debt will be placed on the student account, which must be paid to UNF. UNF will then reimburse the state. Failure to pay back a debt owed due to withdrawn hours will render a student ineligible to receive funding in subsequent years.


Failure to meet renewal requirements

Renewal criteria must be met each academic year. Failure to meet renewal criteria will result in loss of scholarship. If a student fails to meet renewal criteria when grades and hours are reported to the State at the end of the Spring term, a student may be able to attend summer semester in order to attempt a restoration of their scholarship for the next academic year. However, eligibility for restoration differs from student to student based on high school graduation year. Please visit the Florida Bright Futures website for detailed explanations of their restoration policies. A student who did not meet renewal criteria due to circumstances beyond his or her control should contact One-Stop Student Services prior to registering for summer courses.