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Uploading Verification Documents in myWings

  1. Step 1: Log into your myWings account.


  2. Step 2: Select the Student Records tile and then click on Student Self-Service.


    Mywings homepage and student records tile


  3. Step 3: In the list of options, click Upload Student Documents.


    Upload Student Documents Link in Student Services List Screenshot


  1. Step 4: If you have verification requirements, you'll see a link for financial aid verification. If you have other financial aid documents to submit, you'll see a separate link for other financial aid documents. Click the correct document category.


    Financial Aid Verification Link on Upload Student document page Pg 16.1  Uploading Verification Documents 3.3 Step #4


  1. Step 5: Next to each requirement, click the Upload Document link 

              2021-2022 Step 5     

               Pg 16.1  Uploading Verification Documents 3.3 Step #5 

  1. Step 6: Read the directions carefully. Ensure documents are complete with all required signatures. Select the number of files you will upload for this requirement from the drop-down menu.


    21-22 Step 6


  1. Step 7: Select Choose File to open a file upload pop-up. Select the file you would like to upload, then click the Open button.


    21-22 Step 7


  1. Step 8: The name of the selected file will display next to the browse button as a link. You may click the link to double check you have uploaded the right document.


    21-22 Step 8

  1. Step 9: Once you have selected all the files you want to upload click Submit.


    21-22 Step 9


  1. Step 10: You will get a confirmation message telling you that your documents have been submitted. Click the Return button to return to the list of items to upload.


    21-22 Step 10

  1. Step 11: You will see the date and time you submitted the documentation under the submitted column.

     21-22 Step 11

  1. Step 12: Repeat steps 4 through 11 for each of your verification requirements.