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Uploading Scholarship Documents in myWings

  1. Step 1: Log into your myWings account.
  1. Step 2: Click the Student Records Tile and then click on Student Self-Service.


    myWings navigation screenshot


  2. Step 3: In the list of options, click Upload Student Documents.


    Upload Document Link Screenshot


  3. Step 4: If you have scholarship requirements, you will see a link for scholarship agreements. Click Scholarship Agreements.


     2021 Upload Student Documents Scholarship Agreements


  4. Step 5: You may click the Communications Sent link to view and print scholarship communications.


    2021 Communications Sent  

  5. Step 6: Selecting the scholarship offer letter will open a PDF file for you to print and complete with wet signatures.


     2021 Wet Signatures

  6. Step 7: Once your printed forms are complete with wet signatures and ready for upload, navigate back to the scholarship agreements page and click the Upload Document link.

     2021 Upload Document

  7. Step 8: Select Choose File to open a pop-up to locate the file you are uploading. Select the file you would like to upload and click Open.


    Browse documents and go back button screenshot


  8. Step 9: The name of the file you selected will be seen next to the browse button. Double check you have uploaded the right document.


    Uploaded Document screenshot


  9. Step 10: Once you have uploaded the file, click Submit.


    Submit button screenshot


  10. Step 11: You will get a confirmation message telling you that your documents have been submitted. Click the Return button to return to the list of scholarship documents.


    Confirmation and return button screenshot


  11. Step 12: You will see the date and time you submitted the documentation under the submitted column.

     2021 Submitted

  12. Step 13: Your upload is now complete. You may exit myWings.