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Enrollment Services Appeal

Students may submit an Enrollment Services Appeal for the following:

Financial Aid:

  • Denial of a Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal
  • Loss of an Institutional Scholarship or Grant (UNF Presidential, Swoop, UNF/Jacksonville Commitment, etc.)
  • Loss of State Scholarship (Florida Bright Futures)


  • Denied In-State Residency
  • Denied In-State Residency Reclassification
  • Review of Residency Reclassification or Initial Residency Classification after the deadline

Excess Credit Hour Surcharge Review

The Enrollment Services Appeal is completed online in myWings:

  • Click on the Student Records tile
  • Student Forms
  • Online Forms, Appeals and Petitions
  • Enrollment Services Appeal

The following items are required for Financial Aid Enrollment Services Appeals:

  • Signed and dated student statement explaining extenuating circumstances (uploaded with appeal)
  • Documentation* to support the circumstances cited in your student statement
  • Academic plan of action, if applicable, signed by your academic advisor

The following items are required for Residency Enrollment Services Appeals:

  • Signed and dated student statement
  • Supporting documentation*

The following items are required for Excess Credit Hour Surcharge Review Appeals:

  • Signed and dated student statement including:
    • Name
    • UNF ID (N#)
    • Course(s) for which an exemption is being requested
    • Statute language that serves as the basis for the exemption being requested 
  • Supporting documentation* which may include, but is not limited to:
    • Signed statement from your academic advisor on letterhead, verifying non-degree-applicable courses
    • DD214
    • Course description from another institution (in cases of internship exemptions)

*Supporting documentation should be uploaded prior to submitting. The Enrollment Services Appeals Committee will not consider appeals submitted without documentation. A minimum of two documents (student statement and supporting documentation) should be uploaded, however up to ten documents may be uploaded, if needed.


Submission of an Enrollment Services Appeal does not guarantee approval.


The decisions of the Enrollment Services Appeals Committee are final; no additional appeal review levels are provided.

Special or Unusual Circumstances Appeals

If you feel that you have special or unusual circumstances that are not being reflected on your FAFSA, please contact One-Stop Student Services to discuss your specific situation. Although considerations for specific situations are limited, we offer you the ability to provide us with this information.


The answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the Enrollment Services Appeals process are posted below.


For additional questions, please contact One-Stop Student Services:


Phone: (904) 620-5555


Online Contact Form


Satisfactory Academic Progress



Excess Credit Hour Surcharge Review