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Metrotown Institute 2018 delegates in circle holding hands
2018 Metrotown Institute delegates in group with Metrotown logo shirts
2018 Metrotown Institute Panel discussion
2018 Metrotown Institute opportunity walk with delegates blindfolded
2018 Metrotown Institute delegates trust fall
2018 Metrotown Institute staff gathered together
2018 Metrotown Institute group in circle holding hands
2018 Metrotown Institute Leaders of United Diversity members holding hands in a line
2018 Metrotown Institute delegates outside burning labels


OneJax provides youth initiatives that serve the communities by providing the opportunity for future leaders to elevate their levels of awareness and understanding of difference while providing opportunities for them to participate in community-building. All of OneJax's youth programs are linked together under the umbrella of services called OneYouth - Different Together. Each program allows them to explore more deeply the benefits of becoming part of a change that will improve our community.

OneYouth Programs

Diversity Education

Diversity education is a youth-centered program for high- and middle-school students. The program provides a safe environment to engage in the topics of bias, bigotry and stereotypes along with their effects, discrimination, racism and bullying. The 90-minute program focuses on building cultural competency with an interactive and open dialogue approach. Pushing the envelope on perception versus reality and shattering tired myths, the teen participants gain new understanding, respect and appreciation for the differences in each other.

Sandy Miller Metrotown Institute

Sandy Miller Metrotown Institute is a four-day experiential diversity program that promotes interracial, inter-religious and intercultural dialogue for teenagers entering grades 9-12. Youth are challenged to engage in facilitated discussion on topics of bias, bigotry, discrimination and prejudice such as race, religion and gender roles. Pushing the envelope on perception versus reality and shattering tired myths, the teen participants gain new understanding, respect and appreciation for the differences in each other. Through the process of sharing and exchanging ideas from a multicultural perspective, youth walk away from this experience recognizing their similarities and differences, celebrating these differences by uniting with a new network of friends and having the courage to advocate for others when oppression hurts them. Metrotown is a powerful experience that impacts all who participate. Metrotown-In-A-Day, a scaled down version of the four-day program, is also offered during the school year to reach more local youths.


Metrotown-In-A-Day, a condensed version of Sandy Miller Metrotown Institute, is an interactive experiential learning lab. Selected delegates will come together to explore options for living successfully in an increasingly diverse and interdependent world. At Metrotown-In-A-Day, students explore ideas and perceptions, and also experience a variety of perspectives on diversity issues, multicultural communication, religious traditions, gender roles and self-esteem. Participants create strategies for living and working with a multitude of differences. The goal of Metrotown is to promote respect and understanding among all people. This goal is achieved through small group discussions and workshops, creative and artistic expression, recreation, outdoor experiences and personal reflection on our diverse community. Upon completion of this program, you’ll see the world through different eyes and you will have made a lasting and positive difference in your own life, and in the lives of your friends. 

Leaders of United Diversity (LOUD)

After Metrotown is completed, each graduate of the program becomes a member of the LOUD. This group's mission is to bring the message of respect and appreciation for racial, religious and cultural difference into their community. LOUD members meet throughout the year to continue developing their human relations skills and learn further how to incorporate these skills into their daily life and work. LOUD focuses on offering service to interracial, inter-religious and intercultural groups of students.


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