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Metrotown and LOUD

Metrotown Institute

Metrotown Institute Global Citizens, Different Together, 4 Days that Could Change Your Life

Pushing the envelope on perception vs. reality and shattering tired myths, the teens gain new understanding, respect and appreciation for the differences in each other. Metrotown participatesThis is often a life-changing experience for participants and leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime. Most importantly, the teen delegates carry their new perspectives to their friends, families and neighbors when they complete the program. As a result, Metrotown is a revolution that is changing our community, one person at a time.

Led and facilitated by professionals who specialize in diversity education, community building, experiential learning, youth leadership development, counseling, gender equity and inter-religious studies, the ratio of faculty to students is typically two to one.

Metrotown Institute delegates


LOUD (Leaders of United Diversity)


LOUD picks up where Metrotown leaves off. Graduates bring the message of respect and appreciation for racial, religious and cultural difference into their schools and neighborhoods.

LOUD members serve as teen OneJax ambassadors and initiate programs and activities at their schools to promote the acceptance of diversity and the crossing of cultures and backgrounds to forge new relationships and appreciation for others. LOUD participatesThey also play an important supportive and example-setting role during each new year's Metrotown Institute. In addition, LOUD students design and participate in a variety of community service projects every other month throughout the year.

LOUD members are part of the OneJax family and are present at all of our programs and events. LOUD members meet monthly to refine and reinforce the leadership skills learned through their Metrotown experience.

Leaders of United Diversity graduates circle