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OneJax statement on the President's immigration order with Statue of Liberty background

OneJax Statement on the President's Immigration Order

The greatness of our nation has been its guiding ideals of fairness, welcome to immigrants, compassion for refugees, respect for religious faith and the courageous refusal to compromise its principles in the face of threats. While we recognize our government's obligation to protect us from foreign and domestic threats, we stand with our neighbors who are affected by the recent presidential executive order on immigration.

OneJax believes it is important to remember these principles and values which have made our community and nation a place of opportunity and refuge for many. Emma Lazarus captured so eloquently the compassion and selflessness which we strive to emulate, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free . . ." We urge leaders of our state and nation to consider the countless lives who are being negatively impacted by measures which turn our backs on the most vulnerable.

There are real dangers for American citizens whose identities are linked to immigration, their family members now trapped in other countries, and refugees who have been thoroughly vetted but have been denied entry to the United States. The rhetoric against different groups has caused an increase of violence, discrimination and hate crimes in our communities which must not be tolerated. When we ostracize and vilify the "other" we create a platform where fear will develop into hate.

OneJax will continue to work tirelessly until we achieve respect and understanding among all people.


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