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Community Desserts roundtable discussion
Community Desserts event with speakers and attendees
Community Desserts table topic discussions

Cross-Cultural Educational Forums

Hosting open, collaborative discussions about important issues facing the world today brings the community closer together. OneJax regularly organizes panel discussions and community forums, drawing insight and input from a broad range of religious, cultural and community leaders.

Introducing: Community Desserts

More conversations about identity, inclusion and integrity

What are Community Desserts?

Community Desserts is a continuation of the "OneJax Inclusion Series," a forum for dialogue about strategies ensuring everyone in our diverse community is heard and acknowledged. From those initial discussions we recognized that our participants were seeking an enhanced opportunity to connect with one another, so it made sense to revamp the Series and incorporate best practices from OneJax's successful Community Suppers events.

While the Suppers are groupings of 8-10 people who meet at area restaurants to discuss social issues and associated current events, the Desserts conversations will take place in a larger group setting to encourage a robust exchange of ideas. Each outing will begin with informal, topic-specific, small group conversations followed by information sharing with local leaders who have a proven track record of creating a more equitable and inclusive Jacksonville.

Community Desserts will place emphasis on the importance of building civil discourse that honors the voices of all people (integrity & inclusion) no matter what they look like, where they're from, whom they love or how they communicate (identity).

Yes, desserts and coffee will be provided!

Why Community Desserts?

Building communities that empower all individuals to achieve their full potential can only happen when people from diverse backgrounds have meaningful relationships, which is greatly enhanced by learning together and talking to one another. Community Desserts provides us with an opportunity to meet interesting people, hear from community experts and engage in thoughtful conversations. It is our goal to have you walk away feeling connected to your neighbors, inspired to act and motivated to keep learning.

Who are Community Desserts for?

Community Desserts are open to the entire community and there are no prerequisites for attendance. Join the discussion whenever your schedule permits! If you've already enjoyed Community Suppers, we hope you join us for Desserts as well; and if you haven't, there's no prohibition against having dessert first! Like Community Suppers, seating for Community Desserts is limited, so sign-up quickly to secure your spot!


Contact OneJax at or 904-620-1529.